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SPECIAL NEEDS: Special Families
by Avis Coleman

There is no way to describe the terror that stabs a parent’s heart when he or she is told there is something “not quite right” with their child.  There is denial, grief and ultimately acceptance.   The people you’ll meet in this book have turned their “acceptance” into action.
With each of these families, the diagnosis brought them closer together, made them stronger and made them look beyond their own situation to try to help others.  There is a new term we all hope will take root in our language and our hearts.  It is “different ability” rather than “disability.”  These parents want others to know their child may not be able to do everything that another child can do, but they can do a lot and they can do many things exceptionally well.
The author, Avis Blackmon Coleman, hopes you are inspired, touched and motivated to help change the world and the way it sees these  “differently-abled children.”   Meet the families of Special Needs: Special Families.